Friday, February 16, 2018

Kindergarten NEWS
 February 19-23
Upcoming Events
Monday, February 19:  President’s DayNo school

Early Literacy Idea
Have your child clap the syllables in different words.  For example, “ba-na-na gets three claps and ap-ple gets two claps.

Remember our reading goal is 15 minutes a night/five night a week.  Please read to your child and have him/her read to you!  This is so important!  Thanks for all you do!
         Thank you for your continued support at home!  I appreciate you doing homework, reading, and providing the many other educational experiences for your child that you do.  We will continue to work hard at school and learn new concepts that relate to the kindergarten academic curriculum as well as learning about life skills. 
         The students are learning to use narrative language to tell about the setting, characters, events, actions and scenes from fiction stories.  We will continue to talk about comprehension and questioning skills. 
         We will finish our chapter on subtraction in math this week and move on to numerals 11-16.
         Have a wonderful week and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  

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