Friday, August 26, 2016

Kindergarten NEWS
 August 29-September 2

Upcoming Events
Monday, Aug. 29: Library 

Thursday, Sept. 1: P.E./Music  (Remember to have your child wear shoes appropriate for P.E.)

Monday, Sept. 5:  Labor Day (No School)

Friday Treat Day Assignment
Sept. 2—AM Class: Nichole Whisenhunt
      PM Class:  Sarah Martin

Early Literacy Idea
Read aloud to your child every day!  Find a variety of interesting books that are engaging and fun!

      It has been a great couple of days!  Your children are wonderful and their individual personalities are delightful!  Thank you for sharing them with me! 
         As part of the Core Curriculum for Literacy, we are using a program entitled “Core Knowledge Language Arts” or CKLA.  The focus in the first two units is very sound oriented (also referred to as phonological awareness) rather than letter naming.  Letter names are not emphasized in the beginning because the importance for reading is not the letter names but the sound values the letters stand for.  Students will also be practicing the writing strokes used to create letters (e.g., horizontal and vertical lines, circles, etc.) to improve their fine motor skills in order to master the tri-pod grip which will prepare students to write letters in Unit 3.  These activities seem simple but they lay a critical foundation for the reading instruction in later units and will enable students to experience success.  Thank you for your patience.