Friday, January 6, 2017

Kindergarten NEWS

 January 9-13

Upcoming Events
Monday, January 9:  Fluoride
Thursday, January 12:  P.E./Music

Friday Treat Day Assignment
Friday, January 13
AM Class:  Haley Garrett
PM Class:  Jeralyn Jacobs

Early Literacy Idea
Help your child develop comprehension skills by having him/her predict what a story will be about by looking at the pictures on the cover page and other pages in the book.

          We had a great week back in school and the children are adjusting well after the long break.  January is a good learning month and I am excited to see the continued progress of your wonderful children.  Each one is improving! 
         In our Language Arts program, the students are practicing “chaining” various words by changing one letter to make a different word. For example: pun, pan, tan, ban, bat, bet, wet, web. 
         For math, we are learning how to represent subtraction within 10.  We are discussing that the minus symbol is used to stand for the words take away, subtract, and minus.
         Have a nice week and thank you again for your support!

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