Thursday, October 27, 2016

Kindergarten NEWS
 October 31-November 4

Upcoming Events

Monday, Oct. 24:  Fluoride and Library

Thursday, Nov. 3: P.E./Music  (Remember to have your child wear shoes appropriate for P.E.)

Friday, Nov. 4: Classroom Halloween Party (No costumes please)

Friday Treat Day Assignment
Nov. 4 — AM Class: Nicole Goms
PM Class: Fiona Flowers

Early Literacy Idea
Provide “real” reasons to write; lists, letters, cards, journals, etc.

          Our classroom Halloween party will be on Monday.  Please do not have your child wear a costume to school.  We will have an awesome party and still have lots of fun!!
         We have been practicing writing our letters correctly in our CKLA program and have worked on the following letters:  m, a, t, d, o, c, g, i.  Please have your child write them for you.  We have also learned 7 sight words: me, see, I, can, like, look, here.  The majority are words that the students just have to memorize because they are not spelled phonetically. Sight words appear frequently in written print and it is important that the students know them.
         I hope your children are telling you about our science projects that we do each Wednesday.  They are becoming quite the little scientists!
         We will complete Chapter 3 in our “Go Math” program in the next day or two.  Look for your child’s scores to be coming home soon. 
         Thank you for all you do at home!  I love your children and enjoy seeing them succeed.  As always, please feel free to contact me anytime!

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