Thursday, December 10, 2015

Kindergarten NEWS
 December 14-18

Upcoming Events
Monday, Dec. 14:  Fluoride
Wednesday, Dec. 16: Library
Friday, Dec. 18--Class Christmas Pajama Party 
Monday, Dec. 21-Sunday, Jan. 3—Christmas Break--No School.

Weekly Theme:

Early Literacy Skill
Read a story to your child.  Afterwards, ask him/her to tell you the events of the story in order.  What happened in the beginning, middle and end?

We are having our class pajama Christmas party on Friday, December 18th.  Your child may wear pajamas that day. Thank you to those that signed up to bring items for our party!  I have attached a separate paper as a reminder to those who signed up.
         We are continuing to learn and progress in kindergarten!  I am excited about the growth each child continues to make.  I am enjoying each one of them and appreciate your support at home.
         Please continue to have your child practice writing his/her last name.  This is one of the requirements for our kindergarten curriculum later on in the year and if we start now, we will have it mastered.  Also, keep working on phone number, address and birthday if your child is unsure of these skills. 
         Remember to check the Lost and Found located in the room adjacent to the lunch room.  Thank you for all you do to help with your child’s education!  You are awesome!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Enjoy your holiday!

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