Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kindergarten NEWS
 April 27-May 1
Upcoming Events
Monday, April 27--Fluoride
Wednesday, April 29—Library
Friday, May 1—School Wide Reading Celebration
Friday, May 15—End Of Year Kindergarten Program

Weekly Theme:
Living Things--Animals

End of Year Program
Our Kindergarten End of Year Program will be on Friday, May 15th at 10:30 AM for the morning classes and 2:30 PM for the afternoon classes.

       We are working hard at end-of-level testing, DIBELS, and the kindergarten program.  Thank you for your continued help and support!  This time of year it is needed perhaps the very most.  Please keep up the daily reading, homework and having your child at school. 
        The students will continue to go to library, but all library books are due at this time.  Mrs. Stucki will send a note home to let you know if you have books checked out that have not been returned.  The last day the take home library books will be exchanged is on Monday, May 11th.  
        THANKS for all you do!  Please call with any questions or concerns.

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