Friday, September 5, 2014

Kindergarten NEWS
  September 8-12, 2014
Upcoming Events
Monday, Sept. 8--Picture Day
Monday, Sept. 8 --Back To School Bash  (Look at the text from the PTA or the school website for additional information)!
Wednesday, Sept. 10--Library
Thursday, Sept. 11—P.E./Music

Early Literacy Idea
Play with letters!  Magnetic letters are good for word play.  Also, let your child trace letters in sand, salt, rice, etc.  as they say both the letter name and sounds.

         We have worked hard on focusing on rules and procedures in our classroom. The students are coming along nicely and settling into our routine.  Thank you for your support at home!  I am a firm believer that effective classroom management allows for optimal learning to occur and parent/teacher communication is vital!  Please feel free to call, e-mail or come into the classroom with any questions or concerns.
        We have learned about the letters Aa, Bb and Cc this week.  The students should be able to write the capital and lower case letters correctly as well as tell you the sounds they make.  We have also learned a poem for these three letters and have drawn pictures of an object that begins with each letter in our “I Can Draw It” books.  They are quite the artists!  The sight words we have learned are: me, see.  We also began working in our “GoMath” math books.
        Have a wonderful week and thanks again for your support and helping to make your child’s education a positive experience!

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