Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kindergarten News
September 17-23

Upcoming Events

Monday, Sept. 17—Scholastic Book Orders due

Thursday, Sept. 20—Library, PE, Music

Weekly Theme:

Three Dimensional Shapes

Early Literacy Idea
Help your child notice the print in the environment (signs, displays, food packages, cans, jars, and other every day items).

The Kindergarten Assessment results will come home in your child’s homework folder on Monday.  Remember this was given the day you brought your child to meet with me before school began and does not show the growth that has been made in the last few weeks.  It is exciting to see how much each child has learned and has contributed to our class!  However, the DIBELS (an assessment of early literacy skills) scores will not be included because our reading aides are learning a new program to administer the assessment on ipads.  I will send the results as soon as they are complete.  Thank you for your understanding.

We have learned the following sight words:  me, see, I, can.  We have also diligently practiced writing our first names--please remind your child to begin with a capital letter and then use lower case letters to complete their names.  They have practiced recognizing, writing and drawing something that begins with the letters Aa, Bb, Cc, Dd as well as a poem for each letter.  Numerals 0-10 have been an important topic as well.  

The PTA will be selling school T-shirts to promote school spirit.  The cost is $8.00 and the students are encouraged to wear them on Fridays. Also, please remember to tell grandparents, friends and neighbors about the Smiths rewards program for schools so we can earn money for South Elementary.

Again, thank you for your support!  Enjoy your week!! 


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